only those who do
something with passion
will succeed.

Michél Picker

The philosophy

Kerstin Noe-Apel and Jessica Heimes are the two creative and committed minds behind two heads. The philosophy combines passion, many years of experience and the aim of offering their customers the best service free of charge. Those who both love and live out their job and have a wide network can fulfil customers’ individual wishes. Personal consultation, direct communication and optimum conditions characterise the free service offered by two heads: let’s say »MICE for people«.

two heads team

The story

When two creative minds get together, something big and new can come about. Kerstin Noe-Apel and Jessica Heimes met at an ice-cream parlour one summer. They had already worked together successfully and knew that they could rely on one another. Together, they developed the idea of exploring new avenues in the MICE industry. In two heads, instead of »higher, faster, further«, they passionately live out their belief in »better, more personal and more individual«. Fulfilling customer wishes is the goal of their work. The secret is: experience and the desire to do everything a bit better.

Kerstin Noe-Apel

Kerstin has always known what she wants: to show what she can achieve in the industry. An apprenticeship in hotel management wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more – and later graduated with a degree in hotel management with a specialisation in event management and marketing. She then gained a wealth of experience in international hotel chains and at leading online portals and conference agencies. Since 2012, she has been a committed entrepreneur. Her extensive expertise, many years of experience in the industry, her dynamic and passion are now strengths of two heads.


committed, hard-working, quick.
To climb mountains,
you have to go through valleys.

Private life

happy, thoughtful, loyal.
Never live without laughing.


pragmatic, structured, decisive.
There’s always room for improvement.


clear, dynamic, elaborate.
One lady, one word.

Jessica Heimes

She is rarely flustered: Jessica gained her experience in the hotel industry and in management with plenty of commitment and ambition. She knows exactly how she can best fulfil customer wishes. Since her apprenticeship in hotel management, she has built up a national and international network over the years, which has given her insights into the latest market developments. Her positive and warm personality and her determination are now an integral part of two heads. When Jessica wants to achieve something, she does.


courageous, reliable, determined.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Private life

warm, balanced, sporty.
Serenity is the source of strength.


positive, tolerant, honest.
Live and let live.


thorough, ambitious, creative.
I love what I do.

two heads®

Max-Planck-Str. 6-8
50858 Cologne, Germany
+49 (0)2234 6999 870

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